A map projection is the mapping of a curved surface, especially a sphere or ellipsoid, into a plane.

Miljenko Lapaine

The ICA Commission on Map Projections aims to connect researchers working in the field of map projections. It was established in 2003.

Map projections are mathematical procedures that enable the mapping of the curved surface of the earth or other celestial bodies to a plane. The curved surface is usually a sphere or a rotational ellipsoid. The theory of map projections is often referred to as mathematical cartography. The goal of studying map projections is the creation of mathematical basis for making maps and solving theoretical and practical problems in cartography, geodesy, geography, astronomy, navigation and other related sciences.

This website will inform you about the activities of the ICA Commission on Map Projections, especially on meetings and publications. To join the commission, please contact the chair, Kerkovits KrisztiƔn (kerkovits@map.elte.hu), or vice chair, Michael T. Gastner (michael.gastner@singaporetech.edu.sg).

The Commission gratefully acknowledges the late Dr. Christoph Brandenberger of the Institute of Cartography within the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology at Zurich. He recognized the need for this commission and organized the effort to establish it.

You can download Charter of the Commission.