Terms of reference

  • Promote and foster research on map projections, coordinate systems, transformations and conversions, and disseminate the outcomes. Specifically, encourage research, development, and use of correct and possibly adaptable map projections for GIS and Web implementations and applications.
  • Promote intra- and interdisciplinary co-operation. Encourage collaboration with other ICA commissions.
  • Continue the study of terminology on map projections and preparation of the multilingual dictionary for this area of cartography. Construct useful definitions for commonly misused terms.
  • Study the history of map projections to clarify the origin of various mappings and help the identification of historical reference systems.
  • Promote the proper use of map projections at all levels of education.
  • Organize sessions, workshops, and meetings at least once a year to stimulate a debate on all aspects of map projections with the aim of collecting and publishing the research results.
  • Enhance and maintain the Commission web site. Provide consultative support in relation to map projections through the Commission web site.
  • Link known map projection websites into the Commission site. Assemble links and guides for map projection selection including existing web tools such as map projection decision support systems. Provide single stop from which users can determine the appropriate map projection to use for a specific application.
  • Develop new map projections that adapt to the changing mapping requirements of GIS, and make use of recent advances in computer science.